Not for nothing is the Costa del Sol known as the Costa del Golf, and the really dedicated golfer will usually stay in a development centred on the golf course itself.

But a far more rewarding experience, especially for the more casual golfer, might be to stay in a holiday resort offering great beaches, a multitude of restaurants, and other attractions – including golf!

Nerja fits this description perfectly.

In our experience golfers can be divided into two types. There is the dedicated golfer who thrives on going away with a bunch of fellow enthusiasts to stay in a development located on the course itself, with all facilities – restaurants and so on – located on site. His stay then focuses on playing golf itself, accompanied by a rewarding social scene with his friends at the end of the day.

Then there is the less dedicated player, who would like to play for perhaps two or three days of the week, but then spend the remainder of the time in a conventional holiday location, quite possibly accompanied by his wife and family. Staying on the course itself does not provide this choice.

The Costa del Sol is of course as noted for its holiday resorts as for its golf courses, but few can compete with Nerja. Totally unspoilt by tourism, Nerja remains a marvellously typical Spanish coastal town, while also being home to over 400 bars and restaurants, more than half a dozen award-winning beaches and a multitude of other activities. Nerja is truly a great place for a holiday to suit all tastes.

A few miles inland from Nerja itself lies the wonderful Andalucian countryside, containing gems such as the ‘pueblo blanco’ – or ‘white village’ – of Frigiliana.

Oh, and there is golf as well. Not within Nerja itself (although plans are well advanced for a new course in a spectacular location just outside town), but there are at least five courses within easy driving distance. These might not be of the super tournament standard boasted by those in the Marbella area, but they are very enjoyable none the less.

In addition to Nerja’s public attractions, the range of accommodation available here is immense, from friendly hotels through to idyllic villas and apartments, many with private pools. However we firmly believe that in Nerja self-catering accommodation has a definite edge over staying in hotels, not least because of potential car parking problems at the latter. Put it like this: historically we ourselves would always stay in hotels whilst away on holiday. Then we tried a rental apartment instead, and haven’t stayed in a hotel since!

Staying in ‘self-catering’ accommodation doesn’t actually mean cooking your own meals – you can readily find somewhere to eat out all day long in the neighbourhood, from breakfast through to your evening meal, – but it does mean that you can actually relax properly (and, for example, watch the TV programmes of your choice), which is no small bonus. And we pride ourselves that the rental accommodation that we offer is amongst the best available here. It's also much cheaper than staying in a hotel!

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